Ep 2: Ed Jocelyn and Trekking The Trade Routes of Yunnan

Ed Jocelyn crosses a river with pony in tow.

In this interview trekker, explorer, and cultural bridge builder Ed Jocelyn talks about his experience leading expeditions along old trade routes in China’s southwest Yunnan Province. Ed is a fascinating character with an enchanting and engaging voice to match his personality. His tour company Red Rock Trek came as a result of his time researching and hiking along the Long March route where he figured things could be a lot easier if a mule were carrying all the supplies.

The talk covers ethnic tensions about tourism development in Yunnan, the history and evolution of trade in China and Southeast Asia, as well as what the future of conservation and travel in China may look like.

Check out the google map below with the locations of the towns and villages that were mentioned in this interview.

View Ed Jocelyn Red Rock Trek in a larger map

For more context view this book Between Winds and Clouds that discusses the historical, economic, and political position of Yunnan in China and Southeast Asia for free.

To read more on Ed’s adventures check out his blog here.

What is your outlook on the future of intangible heritage conservation in China? Leave a comment below!

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